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                                               Meet the Owners

Arrick and Lorie with their dogs Bailie and Coco


Arrick has been a licensed outfitter (# 1604) since 1991 and in 1993 he opened Arrick's Fly Shop.  He decided to move to Yellowstone Country, especially the West Yellowstone area, because he says the fishing here gets into your blood and soul.  It just grows and you compare all other fishing to the Yellowstone area because it is the mecca of fly fishing.  Whenever he was anywhere else he would dream about the next time he would be back fishing near Yellowstone.  This is why it felt so right and natural for him to move here and to open Arrick's Fly Shop here in West Yellowstone.

What started as a hobby when Arrick was eight, gradually grew into his life's passion as he learned more about what fly fishing had to offer.  When Arrick would go camping with his family in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, they would camp along the small stream and it was here that he learned how to fly fish with his father.  It was also in 1974 that Arrick began being interested in tying flies for himself and for Christmas that year received a fly tying kit.  Soon afterwards, he began taking fly tying lessons from a local shop in Albuquerque and from there he took private lessons from a local expert.

It was in 1980, when Arrick was 14, that he and his family first visited Yellowstone.  During this trip they fly fished together and after seeing all the rivers in the area they became serious about fly fishing.  Arrick learned a lot by exploring fly fishing from anything he could read, but he feels his best teacher was being on the rivers and streams with his father, learning together as nature taught them.

After reading one of Charlie Brooks' books, Arrick would sieve the rivers and look at the insects, then he would tie flies that looked like the insects, matching the size and color the best he could.  Arrick started tying flies commercially for his own business, Arrick's Fishing Flies, in 1982, when he was sixteen years old.  He ran his operations from his parents' home a few years later.   

In the summers of 1987 and 1988 he worked in West Yellowstone at a local fly shop.  Once Arrick graduated from the University of New Mexico with a biology degree, which he pursued with fly fishing in mind, he moved permanently to West Yellowstone.  This is where he worked as a guide in the summer and tied flies in the winter. He continued guiding for several years while he and his father ran Arrick's Fly Shop and both he and his staff continue to tie flies for the shop today.

Arrick lives in West Yellowstone with his wife, Lorie, and has two wonderful sons from his previous marriage.  They like to spend their free time enjoying the outdoors in and around Yellowstone.  They have enjoyed visiting many beautiful places and National Parks, but wherever they travel they know that Montana with it's mountains,  pristine waters, and intact wilderness is where they want to call home.


with Bailie and Coco

Lorie was born in Dearborn, Michigan and spent her summers with her mom, grandma and brother camping along the shores of Lake Erie in Rondeau Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It was here that Lorie began to love the outdoors and wildlife. When she was a kid she did some fishing with her mom, but it wasn't until she met Arrick in 2009 that she became interested in fly fishing. She is truly a beginner at this sport, but is learning the basics from a great teacher. Arrick not only has been helping her with the technical side of fly fishing, but he has been helping her learn to read the water when they are out there fishing together. The part Lorie loves most about fly fishing is learning about another part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosytem.

Lorie fell in love with this area when she helped a friend move out here in 1996, and has spent every summer out here since. Every fall when she’d go back to Michigan for college she would miss Montana and Yellowstone, so when she finished earning her science degree in Earth Science, Lorie knew where she belonged. Since she loved Yellowstone and Montana so much she decided she wanted to do something to really be part of the area, so she became an Interpretive Park Ranger at Old Faithful. It was here that she worked for three summer seasons. During those three summers she presented geology talks, led educational guided tours of the geyser basins, did evening programs on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosytem , taught children during the kids programs, and worked in the visitor center. Most of her free time during those summers was spent hiking, watching geysers and looking for wildlife.

What Lorie loves about this area is the abundant wildlife, and all the wonderful things that Yellowstone and this pristine mountain wilderness has to offer. When she saw Yellowstone and the mountains of Montana for the first time it moved her so much she knew she had to come back. Lorie often tries to put her love for this amazing place into words, but just like pictures, she feels her words can't begin to do it justice. Simply put, her first visit out here grabbed hold of her heart and soul and she hasn't been the same since. Lorie's dream came true when she finally moved to West Yellowstone in the spring of 2008 after earning her Elementary Teaching Certificate.  Now Lorie and Arrick live out their dream together with their dogs Bailie and Coco in West Yellowstone. They share their love of this amazing place with each other by fishing the pristine waters, hiking, wildlife watching, and geyser gazing. What a joy to live in Montana and explore Yellowstone and all its wonders!




Michael was born and raised in California. He started fishing around the age of four when his grandfather gave him all his fishing gear. Michael’s family has always been into outdoor activities so I guess you say it’s in his blood. He started fishing this area around six years ago. Michael loves fly fishing for many reasons, but one thing he finds he truly enjoys is that when he’s on the river focusing on fishing the stress and busy life just melts away. He finds it not only relaxing, but also a wonderful way to get back and connect with nature. If you ask him why he loves it here, he will tell you it’s because the people are friendly, the scenery is amazing, and there is wildlife everywhere.

Michael spent his school years in California where he played baseball and golf on his high school team. He’d camp, hunt, and fish during his school breaks. Now he is working to become and EMT or a fish and game officer. During the summer he spends three months fishing the Montana rivers and working in Arrick’s Fly Shop. Michael enjoys sharing his knowledge with others who want to learn about fly fishing in this amazing place of Yellowstone and Montana.


Originally from the Midwest, Scott grew up fishing for bass on spinning tackle. It wasn't until college, before a backpacking trip to northern Michigan, that he first decided to try his hand at fly fishing. An avid reader, he had just finished one of Ernest Hemingway's short stories on fly fishing and decided that he would teach himself while on the trip. "How hard could it be?" he thought. Needless to say, he found himself spending more time on that first trip untangling his fly line from trees than he did catching any fish; yet he found himself hooked. (Pun intended. Note: Scott loves terrible puns)

Several years after that week in Michigan, Scott found himself leaving his corporate job to pursue his dream of guiding professionally. He now spends his summers guiding and fishing out west for the gorgeous trout of the Rockies, and he spends his winters writing while on the Gulf Coast of Florida chasing snook, redfish, and tarpon in his free time. To Scott, the only thing that beats hooking into a nice trout of his own is watching the joy on someone else's face as they hook into one of their own--especially if it's their first one ever!

It's the sweeping landscapes of Montana and Yellowstone, coupled with getting to teach both beginning anglers and seasoned vets alike, that makes each and every day rewarding for Scott.



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