Whether you choose our standard CrossCurrent rods for back ups or for your budget, they are outstanding fishing tools. You might call them "power tools" for the flats. We use our "fiber blend technology" to combine the benefits of strength and stiffness of different materials to build a powerful alternative for anglers at any level. Now in there new 4-piece configuration, these sticks are every bit as smooth, as powerful and as efficient as any fly rod on the market. Blending different materials allows us to take advantage of the unique properties of each without overbuilding the blank. Some fibers lend themselves to extra strength for extreme lifting power while others add stiffness for faster recovery to keep the rod tracking true for long and accurate casts. Another advantage is the price. These rods are about 30% less expensive than their GLX counterparts. They aren't as light, but they're everything an angler expects in a saltwater fly rod, with power to spare. We call them our game changer! This is what our standard CrossCurrent Series is all about. Each rod comes in a soft, protective rod sock and travel case.

1087-4 CC 9' A 4pc 7wt Fast taper Stiff power $490.00
1088-4 CC 9' A 4pc 8wt Fast taper Stiff power $490.00
1089-4 CC 9' A 4pc 9wt Fast taper Stiff power $510.00
10810-4 CC 9' A 4pc 10wt Fast taper Stiff power $510.00
10812-4 CC 9' A 4pc 12wt Fast taper Stiff power $520.00

$490.00 X

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Vendor: G. Loomis

Type: Rods


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