A perfect combo of size and performance makes this pontoon boat an all-around favorite of anglers. Longer pontoons accommodate more gear without sacrificing compactness and portability. A great choice for fishing any body of water.

The Fish Cat 9 - IR is for you if:

- You like to fish on rivers and have been know to fish out on a reservoir

- You like the maneuverability of pontoons that have improved rocker

- You need a great all-around boat for any sized angler

- You want to be able to add a motor

Inflated Size: 54" x 9'
Tube Diameter: 16"
Fabric: 500 PVC/500 PVC
Material Weight: 30 oz/sq. yd.
AireCell Material: Vinyl
Seam Construction: Sewn
Warranty: 5
Valve Type: (2) Summit II
Weight: 65 lbs.
Load Capacity: 375 lbs.
Frame: 6-piece steel
Anchor System: Included
Motor Mount: Included
Oar Type: 7' 2-piece
$749.00 X

Tags: Pontoon boats

Vendor: Outcast

Type: Boats


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