Excellent for flat-water fishing and a capable performer in rivers and streams, the 9-foot, quad-hulled design rides low in the water, making it an ideal fishing boat even on windy days. Has ample weight capacity and extra cargo space.

The Fish Cat Panter is for you if:

- You are an all-round angler who fishes still and moving water

- You need a pontoon boat that is ideal for windy conditions

- You fish shallow rivers

- You love the quad tube design

Inflated Size: 60" x 9'
Tube Diameter: 10"
Fabric: 500 PVC/1000 PVC
Material Weight: 30/32 oz/sq. yd.
AireCell Material: Vinyl
Seam Construction: Welded
Warranty: 5
Valve Type: (4) Summit II
Weight: 67 lbs
Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
Frame: 6-piece aluminum
Anchor System: Included
Motor Mount: Included
Oar Type: 7' 4-piece
$999.00 X

Tags: Pontoon boats

Vendor: Outcast

Type: Boats


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