Introducing the ALL NEW Fish Cat Scout!
The Scout is a one man, do everything fishing craft. It is just 35 lbs, easy to carry and perfect for accessing new fishing waters. The overall design includes the best features of a float tube and a pontoon boat. The low profile makes it great for lakes and the pontoons are stable on rivers and in rapids. The open-floor cockpit makes fin kicking an option so the angler can fish and guide the boat at the same time. The open floor also provides an easy way to stand up and fish in shallow water without the need to climb in and out of the boat. The Fish Cat Scout is constructed with a durable PVC skin to protect the vinyl bladders. The dual layer design also creates a stiff hull so the boat won’t flex when operating at full pressure.

Just 35 lbs.
Frameless design for easy portability and set up
Fits in back of pickup
Stable for moving water plus low profile for still water
Stiff no-flex hull for faster rowing
Tough PVC outer, durable vinyl bladders and 5 year warranty
Stand up and fish with open cockpit
Built in gear pocket with rod holder
Kayak style seat with firm back support
2 carry handles
ample cargo space in the back

The Fish Cat Scout is for you if:
You need a lightweight boat for rivers and flat water
You don't want to hassle with a frame or motor mount
You want a tough frameless boat

Inflated Size: 55"W x 7'L
Tube Diameter: 16.25"
Fabric: 500 PVC/500 PVC
Material Weight: 30 oz/sq. yd.
AireCell Material: Vinyl
Seam Construction: Welded
Warranty: 5
Valve Type: Summit 2
Weight: 35 lbs.
Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
Frame: NONE
Anchor System: available
Motor Mount: NONE
Oar Type: 5' 2 piece

$649.00 X

Tags: Pontoon boats

Vendor: Outcast

Type: Boats


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