Once you try this you will fall in love with it. We just can’t stop using it! It is basically like a super fine, shredded, MICRO Lite Brite™.
It dubs easy and goes to small sizes. It blends well and can be used for either dries or nymphs.
We love the look under water. It is not too flashy…but has just the right glimmer. Makes amazing damsels, buggers & streamers. We feature it on all our Diamond Prince series of nymphs and mix it in a lot of patterns like our Micro Stones, Ultra Hares Ears and Champagne Caddis.
Now available in 42 incredible colors. Its a very similar material to Hareline's Ice Dub.
$2.50 X

Tags: Dubbing, Flash, Synthetics

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying


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