We turn to this material more and more. Its so versatile. Bold bright colors are one of the hallmarks of this dubbing. We absolutely love this material because it works so well. The intense colors come from a combination of Lite-Brite™ and 4 other synthetic fibers. We prefer to brush it out and trim it to 1/4” from the body base which makes flies glow underwater. We now use this on many of our eggs as well as steelhead and some saltwater patterns.
One of the reasons this material works so well is because we take the extra effort to mix in a number of colors which adds a series of light spectrum's fish key in on.
A key ingredient on OTE jigs, Lightin Buggers and many other patterns. WATCH BILL USE THIS MATERIAL ON MANY OF HIS TYING VIDEOS.
$2.50 X

Tags: Dubbing, Flash, Synthetics

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying


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