It took us a lot of work to design these and they have since become a staple in everyone's product line. So if your going to buy them we ask you to buy the originators.
Machined from solid brass in the same hourglass shape as our Dazl-Eyes, but with the added feature of recessed pockets. The pockets are sized to accept either our 3D or Prismatic Tape Eyes, or you can custom paint them. The difference is ours are Acid Etched like our Brite Beads. We believe ours have the finest plating on the market. See for yourself.
These are similar to Wapsi Pocket Eyes or Hareline Sunken Barbell Brass Eyes.

20 pack, make sure you buy some 3D molded stick-on eyes or prismatic tape eyes!

$4.50 X

Tags: Beads / cones / eyes

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying


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