Squirmy-Wormies (TM) and the flies they make have been called the most effective new patterns in the last 20 years. We recently saw it featured on a Fly fishing show on TV and the gentlemen using it said it was the #1 fly in West Virginia. Little did we know that statement can be made for a lot more states than just WV. We sell a ton of them in all colors. So many we designed our own 3 new colors. You will not find the Blood Red, Hot Pink or the life like Worm Tan anywhere else but from Spirit River. Your local fly shop likely buys them from us so be sure to stop in and see them. If they don't...they can.
You can see a couple ways to use these on flies buy searching them on You-Tube. We also sell basic Squirmy patterns too.
To make a fast simple and effective fly, cover your scud style hook shank with thread. Then take a Squirmy and tie it in at the rear of the hook. Start with a couple loose wraps because cinching it to tight will make the thread slice thru the worm. You will develop a feel for this. Then run your thread up to the hook eye and again lock in the worm with another 10 wraps of thread. Male a good solid whip finish.DO NOT USE HEAD CEMENT ON THE HEAD. IT MELTS THE WORM.
Bounce the worm through any good hole and your sure to hook a fish.
$2.95 X

Tags: Synthetics

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying


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