Yes it's an oxymoron... but these mini plumes come in handy as legs on stones and other nymphs. These are perfect as tails on streamed=rs and particular Wooly Buggers. Harry Murphy has a butt kicking Helgramite where he uses these smaller herl fibers as a tail.
I have a secret wet ( bugger style) I tie. I tie in a short small hot butt with rgg or regular yarn, then tie in a wire for a rib. I dub up a body on the 3xl hook. At the head I tie in the mini ostrich so it extends twice the hook shank. Again like a bugger. As I hold the fiber back I wrap up the wire. Then brush out the dubbed UV2 body. I like Seal-X.
You end up with a swimming tail, a shell case and the wire rib give the fly a segmented look. Blacks secret no name Devastator.

Wildlife product, not shipped outside the US.

$1.95 X

Tags: Feathers, New, Uv2

Vendor: Spirit River

Type: Fly Tying


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